We offer almost unlimited variety of different jeans buttons and rivets. You can choose the most suitable button and rivet for any needed purpose.

Raw materials include brass, copper, stainless steel and diecast zinc. Using the producers or your own logo with different finishings, a unique appearance of your product can be created.

On account of high technical quality, our products are highly durable and compatible with all standard denim washes and finishing treatments.

KMH jeansbutton

  • Classic jeansbutton, covered by a brassplate
  • Inside high graden unbreakable plastic, which is pierced by a an arrow-shaped stud to create firm binding to the fabric
  • Highest pull-off strength on almost any kind of fabric

Flex jeans- and workwearbutton

  • So called movable jeans- and workwearbutton, which is easy to button on account on the same movability
  • On account of the larger setting of the base and the usage of the rivet in attachment, we suggest Flex-button also when using lighter fabrics
  • Suited best for jeans, denimshirts and workoveralls


  • Burrs, specially created for the reinforcement of the pockets
  • Possibility to have different shapes with different finishings icluding the possibility of own logo
  • Suitable for fabric of multiple layers
  • Extremely high stability
  • Self-piercing

Tubular and rapid rivets

Tubular rivets

  • Available capped or uncapped
  • Can either be used with or without an eyelet
  • Self-piercing and highly stable
  • Suitable for application in attachment of fabric, leather and cardboard
  • Suitable for application by riveting machines

Rapid rivets

  • Well designed, structural compactness insures high stability
  • Both parts available also capped
  • High quality helps preattachment

Jeans buttons and rivets (0,34Mt PDF)

System rapid & tubular rivets (1,42Mt PDF)

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